Silicone VS TPE

TPE VS Silicone Sex Dolls – Which is Better?

So today is the day you have decided it is time  to get yourself a Sex Doll – but you don’t know which material works the best for you:

TPE vs. Silicone Sex Dolls! We will begin with reviewing the material that realistic Sex Dolls are made with, they are usually either TPE or Silicone. The manufacturing technical skills and knowledge is so more advance this day in creating wonderful realistic products, which you can experience today from us!

TPE Advantages

The first thing we need to do is discuss what TPE is made from and its performance when it comes to Sex Dolls. The TPE technical process (or Thermoplastic Elastomer) is new in today’s market, compared to silicone. It is a mixture of rubber and plastic. TPE can be stretched time after time, and it will come back to its initial length immediately. It is much softer than other materials, and it can hold numerous and different positions because of the materials flexibility.

Another advantage of TPE Sex Dolls is that they are less expensive than the Silicone Dolls even though the material is more natural. It is also very hypoallergenic, and it should not cause any allergic reactions.

What Does a TPE Sex Doll Feel Like?

A TPE Sex Doll will be determined by the shape and size, but for the overall feeling of the “Sex Doll Boob” you should consider a “Sex Doll Boob” with a similar shape and size that you would enjoy touching that you have experienced touching in the past.

TPE Disadvantages

If you get a stain on your doll – it is a very hard to clean. The material is very absorbent, and you should clean up the vaginal and anal cavities as often and as soon as you can. In the event you do not do a good clean-up you should be cautious, as you may see some mold.

TPE could be sticky or tacky to the touch, but this problem can be easily resolved with some baby powder.  It is also heat resistant, so be aware, as it can be problematic to take a bath with your doll!

 Silicone Advantages

Silicone material is so much easier to clean because it is not as sticky as Thermoplastic Elastomer. It does cost more, but it is also more resistant to heat, stains, and water. It does not need as much maintenance when you compare it to other Sex Dolls materials. And just like TPE, Silicone is also hypoallergenic.

Silicone Sex Dolls have the most lifelike vaginal and anal cavity, which can be a big deal and may be beneficial to most people. It should not be problematic to clean it up because it is very easy to sterilize.

We would still not recommend the use of alcohol for sterilization, but rather use softer cleaning tools to sterilize the Silicone Sex Dolls.

Silicone Disadvantages

When you touch a Silicone Sex Doll, it feels very hard and is much harder than the TPE Sex Doll material.  The butt and breasts will not shake and sway when you rock them back and forth.

The price of a Silicone Sex Doll could be a big draw back for some people, because it is way more expensive, than the TPE Sex Doll. The average cost would be $ 2500 for such a Sex Doll.

TPE VS Silicone Sex Dolls – Which is Better?

Be prepared to question and look for answers for just how much are you willing to pay for certain features, whether you want to take a hot bath with your doll, whether it is essential that the vaginal and anal cavity be realistic to you?

If you know and understand what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask any remaining questions you have to the suppliers. We will gladly assist you with your decision of a Sex Doll!

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